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The Nissan e-NV200 – a revolution in motion

For too long, vans (and their drivers) have had a bad reputation, but Nissan believes it’s time to change all that. The genius new e-NV200 has absolutely zero tailpipe emissions, while offering improved running costs, less of an impact on the environment, and great practicality.

On the outside

The e-NV200 may be a ‘green’ van, but it doesn’t shout about it. You’d be hard pressed to notice it was anything other than a normal van from the outside – an updated grille and subtle badging are the only giveaways.

It’s practical too, thanks to twin sliding rear doors and the largest carrying capacity in its class. In fact, we’d say it’s just as practical as an everyday NV200, but without the diesel bills. 

On the inside

The dashboard is every bit as hi-tech as the drivetrain, with stylish gloss black inserts and a large touchscreen creating an elegant and refined atmosphere.

It’s still a practical place of work, though, so the passenger seat folds down to create a flat writing surface, and there are handy storage spaces dotted everywhere.

It’s luxurious too. No matter which version you pick, it’ll come with heated seats and a heated steering wheel to make early winter starts more bearable. A rear-view camera will help to avoid parking scrapes, and Bluetooth technology means you can safely take important work calls without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

On the road

Wave goodbye to the tired stereotype of noisy, workaday vans of the past – the e-NV200 operates in almost total silence, because there are no moving parts in the drivetrain. That makes it especially suited for making early-morning or late-night deliveries around town.

Many vans never leave the city, and that’s why the city is the e-NV200’s natural home. The instant power delivery means you can pull out of junctions quickly and effortlessly, and its 106-mile range should more than cover your daily drives.

At the end of the working day, just plug the e-NV200 in and it’ll be recharged by the morning. If you’re likely to need a bigger range there’s a 30-minute rapid charge option, so you can get a recharge while you’re on your lunch break.

And the best bit is that you’ll never have to go to the fuel station ever again. The money you save on diesel is money you can reinvest into your business.

On the job

Just because you’re making an environmentally-friendly choice, you don’t want to make life harder for yourself. Luckily, with the e-NV200 you don’t have to.

It’s supremely practical, thanks to 60/40 split rear doors, an impressive 520mm loading height, plus room for two standard Euro pallets. The payload is a very impressive 703kg and the capacity offers a total of 4.2 square metres.

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