Nissan Takes Steps Towards Easier EV Charging in the UK

Nissan is looking to add additional charging points for EV vehicles across the UK, in particular to help drivers without off-street parking and reducing wait times in the existing network.

Working withEcotricity, Nissan and Renault Alliance have been introducing rapid charging points at service stations, Nissan dealers and Ikea car parks since 2012. These recharge a typical battery range in 30 to 45 minutes. The next phase of the plan is to identify where vehicles are often waiting to be charged and also install extra points in the middle of cities such as London, Nottingham and Newcastle. It is hoped this will allow drivers living in flats or terraced houses to charge their electric vehicles without needing to drive to a service station.1,000 new charging units are set to be installed across the UK and Europe in the next 18 months, adding to the 4,600 already in place.

As well as personal use, Nissan are aiming to make charging easier for fleet vehicles too, with the announcement of a 22kW DC fast charger. Businesses can install this for less than the regular 50kW charging point, whilst still giving them the power they need. Nissan will also soon be providing ways for static electric vehicles to sell electricity back to the grid.

Gareth Dunsmore, Nissan Europe's electric vehicle director, commented "It’s really important we’re seen as a brand who can manage the whole impact for a business and, in the future, connecting that to a broader energy saving or sustainability solution."

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